15th Annual Pliny the Younger Release!

By the time you read this, our 15th annual release of Pliny the Younger may be well under way!  This is a big year for us with much anticipation (and anxiety!) about hosting the release in both Santa Rosa and Windsor for the first time.  We have been planning and preparing for weeks.  The beer was brewed in December at both locations and filtered and kegged only today!  I have had the opportunity to taste both the Windsor and Santa Rosa brews and am extremely pleased with both.  The recipe this year is quite similar to year’s past with some slight changes to the hops.  We added Citra in the kettle and dry hop, and kept Simcoe and Amarillo for the main hops.  There is a lot of grapefruit and pine from the Simcoe and peach and apricot (I detected dried apricot) from the Amarillo.  It is also remarkably balanced and dry for a 10.25% ABV beer.  While I can’t remember nuances from year to year, I feel that this year’s Younger may be one of the most balanced ever!

If you are coming to visit sometime between February 1st through the 14th, please check out the page on our website for lots of useful information regarding the release, travel info, and 8 local hotels offering special discounts to our guests.  The biggest question this year that we simply are unable to answer is how long will the lines be with the opening of Windsor?  I promise to keep you informed through social media over the next couple of weeks.  We are all very anxious to see what happens over the next several days!  We hope that some folks will visit both breweries, preferably not in the same day, to get the full experience.  Vinnie and I plan be at both breweries tomorrow and spreading our time between the two for the entire 2 weeks.

Check out our Pliny the Younger page here for more information regarding this year’s release!  Thank you!


Natalie and Vinnie

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