Beatification 2017 Release

Today we are releasing our 2017 Beatification on DRAFT only at our brewpub in Downtown Santa Rosa! We debuted the latest batch of Beatification this past weekend at both the Firestone Invitational and Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp in San Francisco. This beer is unique in that we transfer the beer from the kettle into our koelschip which is a long, shallow, open-top tank in the barrel room. The beer sits overnight to collect all the ambient wild yeasts, or “bugs and critters”, then is racked into used wine barrels for fermentation. Because no yeast is added to the beer, we call this process “spontaneous fermentation”, or affectionately known to us as “Sonambic”. Once Vinnie is satisfied with the beer, it is then bottled and kegged for conditioning (carbonation).

Beatification will be available at our pub on draft for on-premise enjoyment. Like all our sour beers there will be no growlers to go. The last time we had Beatification for about a month, so there is plenty of time to stop by and enjoy a glass or two! Bottles will be released “spontaneously” throughout the next several weeks 100 cases at a time. We have about 700 cases. There will be a 6 bottle limit per person at $20 per bottle. The chalkboard on our website shows all current releases including bottles. The only announcement we will make is updating our chalkboard the morning of a release. Not even our staff will know until that morning if bottles will be available. We are a brewpub first and need to be considerate to our guests who are merely coming to enjoy their beer and pizza. That said, it will be possible for us to host a more celebratory event at our new brewery in Windsor where we will have much more space and 2 acres of FREE parking! We feel this is the best way to ensure that everyone has the same opportunity to enjoy a world-class customer experience at Russian River Brewing Company! A spontaneous release for a spontaneous beer!

Not much into sour beers? We have something for you, too!  Row 2, Hill 56 is back after a brief hiatus, along with Tempo Change, one of our newer IPA’s. And I just learned that HopFather IPA has been brewed and is coming very soon! Stay tuned….



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