Hop 2 It is brewed with a different single hop variety every time.  We use this beer to test out new hop varieties from our hop-growing partners.

In 1998, the early days of Russian River Brewing Company, Vinnie wanted to explore the various hops available and created this beer to showcase the full expression of each hop variety on it’s own.  He started with old school varieties like Brewer’s Gold, Bramling Cross, Eroica, and Galena to name a few.  He also made Hop 2 It with old standards such as Cascade, Chinook, and Centennial.  Then came several new, “designer” hop varieties such as Warrior, Ahtanum, Palisade, and the now ever popular Amarillo and Simcoe.

Brewing a single hop beer can teach us a lot about a hop variety. It can help us to determine whether a specific hop is good for bittering, what specific flavors and aromas it imparts, or at which point in the brewing process it is best suited.  Sometimes the hops are so early on in the breeding program that they are referenced only by a number.


Pub draft and bottles and/or cans, rotating seasonal

Alcohol by Volume: 5.75%
Color: Light Copper
Bitterness: Medium

Are You 21 or Older?