HopTime Harvest Ale


HopTime Harvest Ale is a unique beer brewed just once a year using wet hops grown right here in Sonoma County.  The exceptional hop aroma and flavor is attributed to the fact that wet hops are added to the kettle just hours after being harvested and without being kiln dried.  Additionally, we conduct a second harvest of the wet hops to add to the beer after the fermentation is complete to enhance the aroma even more.  Distinctive aromatics and flavors from the wet hops differ from those found in dried hops because the volatile oils in wet hops are exactly as they were when hanging on the vine.  If you’ve ever cooked with fresh and dry basil, you know that while both are wonderfully flavorful and aromatic, they are definitely unique.

Our 2020 HopTime Harvest Ale uses wet hops from Crane Ranch Hops right here in Sonoma County, CA.  It is our first year working with the Crane family!


Pub draft, bottles and/or cans, limited distribution on draft, rotating seasonal late Summer/Fall

Alcohol by Volume: 6.75%
Color: Light Copper
Bitterness: Medium

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