Row 2, Hill 56


Row 2/Hill 56 is a single-hop Pale Ale featuring Simcoe hops. Row 2/Hill 56 was first inspired by a hop selection trip to Yakima, WA that Vinnie made years ago. During that trip, Vinnie heard multiple mentions of Row 2/Hill 56, which was the exact location in the experimental hop yard in Yakima where the first ever Simcoe hop was planted but this was of course long before the hop had been named Simcoe. This seemed to be a sign that he needed to make a beer to honor the Simcoe hop. The beer was also an homage to the three farms, Loftus Ranches, Carpenter Ranches, and Perrault Farms, that own the rootstock and were the first to grow Simcoe.


Draft: Windsor and Santa Rosa Pubs/Distribution, Bottles/Cans, Limited-Release

Original Gravity: 1.055
Alcohol by Volume: 5.4%
Color: Golden/copper
Bitterness: Medium

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