Tempo Change


So many IPA’s…  English IPA, American IPA, Double IPA, White IPA, Black IPA (can’t figure that one out), heck, there are even IPA’s that are labeled as an IPA that really aren’t even an IPA to start with.  So why not try our hand at a hazy IPA?

We didn’t make one just to jump on the hazy IPA band wagon, but more to challenge our brewing skills.  Truth be told, the manager at one of our accounts challenged our brewer and owner Vinnie Cilurzo to make one, but Russian River style.  Not standing down from a challenge, especially a challenge to make a new IPA, driving home after that conversation Vinnie was listening to some music with lots of tempo changes.  By the time he got home he had written the recipe for Tempo Change in his head, a hazy IPA using 100% publicly bred American hops.


Pub draft only, rotating seasonal

Original Gravity: 1.064
Alcohol by Volume: 7.45%

Are You 21 or Older?