Pliny the Younger Economic Impact 2022

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this year’s Pliny the Younger release March 25th-April 7th, 2022! The results are in from the Sonoma County Economic Development Boards (EDB) impact study conducted during the release by surveying visitors at both our pubs. The total economic impact to our local community for our 2022 Pliny the Younger release was $6.1M! This was an increase of $1M, or 20%, over 2020. The 2022 release was highly anticipated due to its cancellation in 2021, then having to postpone it by 2 ½ months, both as a result of COVID-19. But I am a firm believer that most things happen for a reason!

Since 2005, we always release Pliny the Younger on the first Friday in February, rain or shine.  Draft distribution begins the following week to our valued wholesale partners and on-premise accounts. In late January, Vinnie and I had to make the difficult decision to postpone our in-person release due to pandemic related staffing shortages. At that time, half of this year’s Pliny the Younger was already fermenting, and dumping it down the drain was not a viable option. So, we also decided to break with another tradition and proceeded with wholesale distribution, as planned, in February. As a result, no Younger was wasted due to this necessary last-minute decision!

Having those extra 2 months to prepare gave us some much-needed time to take a breath, regroup, and get the team back together. We went into this year’s March release feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and eager to safely welcome back visitors from all over the country and beyond! According to the EDB’s survey results, we had visitors from 42 states and 5 different countries. Our Santa Rosa and Windsor pubs each welcomed just shy of 12,000 guests over 14 days. Now that we have 2 locations within 8 miles of each other, it has become a tradition for many Pliny the Younger enthusiasts, both local and from out of town, to visit each brewery at least once! We also took an informal poll, and included a question on the survey, regarding guest’s preference for future release dates.  85% of respondents from the survey either preferred the later Spring release or were indifferent.  I personally asked hundreds of guests which date they preferred, the majority of whom said March. Most of our visitors may spend more time outside than inside, so weather was a very important factor when considering this big change. The only February preferences were rather tongue-in-cheek: it was either someone’s birthday in February or an annual Valentine’s Day date!

The people and our employees have spoken!  Our 2023 in-person Pliny the Younger release will be held March 24th-April 6th at both our Santa Rosa and Windsor brewpubs. Pliny the Younger will be available on tap and in bottles for purchase in our pubs. We neither distribute bottles nor have any intention of ever selling them online again! We also recognize that many of our wholesale draft accounts appreciate serving Pliny the Younger during the slower Winter months. Therefore, we plan to continue wholesale distribution during the month of February. Another positive outcome from separating distribution from our in-person release was giving Pliny the Younger enthusiasts the opportunity to have it at their favorite local hangout, then again in person with us!

Thank you, again, to those of you who joined us in 2022!  More details regarding the 2023 release coming soon!


Natalie and Vinnie

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