Blind Pig IPA


A full-bodied, very hoppy brew with citrus, pine, fruity notes, and a nice dry, bitter finish! This West Coast-style IPA is true to its style as it is very hop-forward with just enough malt character and alcohol to balance it out.

Blind Pig IPA was first brewed at the Blind Pig Brewery (Vinnie’s first brewery in Temecula), though the original Blind Pig recipe was something that Vinnie brewed for many years as a homebrewer before brewing it commercially. At the time, Blind Pig IPA was one of the hoppiest, if not the hoppiest IPA available anywhere, weighing in at 6.5% ABV with 92 BU’s. In 1994, it was a total hop-bomb and different from most anything commercially available at the time. In time, this and other hoppy beers earned Vinnie the nickname “The Hopfather.”



Pub draft and bottles, local distribution draft and bottles, draft and bottles to most of our distributors, year-round


Alcohol by Volume: 6.25%
Bitterness: Medium

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