Kernza® Beer

Keller Style Beer

Patagonia Provisions has championed a regenerative wheat grass called Kernza®. This grain can be grown and harvested over multiple generations with minimal tillage. The root system is many times longer and denser than traditional cereal grain root systems. Because of this
Kernza requires less water, adds stability to the soil, mitigates weed growth, and helps fight the climate crisis. Patagonia in partnership with 11 Breweries  have decided to start working to make beer better for our planet and help fight the climate crises

Our batch of Kernza beer contains a Slight haze, and mild sulfur in the aroma from lager fermentation.  Fruity notes in the aroma and flavor attributed to the Kernza. Finishes crisp and dry with notes of toasted bread/bread dough.


Windsor and Santa Rosa Pubs and limited draft distribution

ABV: 4.9%

Bitterness: Mild

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